Conversion Optimization




Conversion Optimization is the "science and art" of maximizing the percentage of store visitors, website visitors and referrals that become regular customers or repeat customers through planned and ongoing quantitative marketing.

In order to optimize conversions, your business needs to have a regimented and rigorous process to follow.

The "proof is in the pudding"! Making a business case for Conversion Optimization is a relatively simple process.  It involves calculating the actual or potential conversion rate that an implemented plan produces.

  • Focus on long term relationships

  • What is unimportant to you may not be to your customers

  • Testing, Testing, Testing

  • Work with "what works"

  • The proven "7 Times" marketing approach

What would a 10%, 20%, 50% or 150% customer increase be worth to your business?                      


Let Tenable Marketing implement and manage the process that creates your new exploding customer base!                      





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